Nickel Alloys

QUKEN is a worldwide supplier of nickel alloys and other super alloy metals. We produce and design nickel alloys of varying sizes, diameters and shapes, such as bars, sheets, plates, pipes, tubes, wires, flanges, fittings, forgings and other customized forms.

Nickel alloys are made by adding balanced amounts of elements, including chromium, aluminum, cobalt, and titanium, to create optimal directionally solidified or single crystal structures, giving the material a strength that exceeds regular steel. With high strength and toughness, excellent corrosion resistance, and superior elevated temperature properties, nickel alloys are utilized in extremely hot environments.

Nickel Alloys’ Applications

Aerospace Engineering 

Electrical Resistance Heating

Oil and Gas Extraction

Power Generation

Automotive Engineering  

Electronics and Communications

Petrochemical Processing

Thermal Processing and Heat Treatment

Chemical Processing & Storage

Marine and Offshore Engineering

Pollution Control and Waste Processing