About Us

Shanghai QUKEN New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a global leader specialized in providing advanced materials and custom solutions to meet the ever-growing demanding needs.

From initial small-scale research and development projects through full-scale high-volume production, QUKEN work alongside with the engineers, technicians, students, professors, researchers, and scientists to develop optimal solutions.

Our main products and services include: Sputtering Targets, Evaporation Materials, Evaporation Crucibles, Refractory Metals, and Nickel Alloys, etc. They are widely used for a full range of industries´╝îsuch as aerospace, automotive, electronics, lighting, semiconductor, thin film, and medical industries.

QUKEN advanced materials deliver the following benefits:
Available in elemental & compound materials
High purity grade materials up to 99.9999% pure
Consistent batch-to-batch material properties
Optimal performance and increased yield

QUKEN offers our customers short delivery times and the highest quality by combining our technologies of casting, spraying, bonding and powder metallurgical with our extensive machining capabilities together.

We are committed to continually developing innovative and high-performance advanced materials, while solving our customers' most complex technical challenges.