Tantalum (Ta, atomic number: 73) is a hard, silver-gray metal. Pure tantalum has an incredible resistance to corrosion, and is even able to resist the attack of acids which can dissolve gold and platinum. As well as being resistant to corrosion, pure tantalum is completely bioinert, making it the perfect choice for orthopaedic implants and surgical equipments which are usually machined from pure tantalum plates.

Tantalum products

Quken can provide tantalum products in a variety of forms and dimensions. We can cut, slit, shear, or center less grind tantalum to your exact specifications, and we also have tremendous versatility when it comes to custom sizes, packages, and unusual materials.

Tantalum Properties (Theoretical)

Molecular Weight180.95
Melting Point2996 °C
Boiling Point5450 °C
Density16600 kg/m3

Tantalum Packaging:

For large quantities of molybdenum products, Quken will package and transport them in wooden cases. For a small amount of molybdenum products as samples, will also be protected with sponge or bubble wrap to avoid collision and scratches during transportation. And Quken can also package according to customers' requirements.