Tungsten Tube

Tungsten tube is widely used in the thermocouple protection tubes, crucibles, missile rockets nozzles, sapphire crystal furnaces, and high temperature furnaces, etc. Quken provides tungsten tubes with high-precision, finish surface, straight size, and high temperature deformation.

Contact Quken to determine which size is best for your application or refer to the tungsten tube properties chart below for more detailed information.

Product Standard Surface Available Sizes (mm) Tolerances (mm) Purity  
Tungsten Tube ASTM F288-90 Sintering
φ70~500 x 8~20 x 50~700 As per your request ≥99.95% Inquiry
Tungsten Pipe / Rolled
φ6~10 x 1/1.5 x 550~750 As per your request ≥99.95% Inquiry