Tantalum Machined Part

In addition to the basic shapes such as plate, rod, tube, etc, Quken also can provides custom machined pure tantalum, tantalum tungsten alloy, tantalum niobium alloy and other tantalum alloy parts according to customer's drawing and request.
You can view our regular tantalum products in the table below and ask for a quotation according to your sizes and purities, you may also upload a drawing (pdf file) if needed, we will contact you within 24hours.

Tantalum Machined Part Lists:

In contrast to other refractory metals such as tungsten and molybdenum, production of tantalum often involves melting operation just like most industrial metals and alloys, which produces less material defects. There is two important characteristics of tantalum must be kept constantly in mind: 
1. Annealed tantalum, like copper, lead, stainless steel and some other metals, is 'sticky', having a strong tendency to seize, tear and gall.
2. All forming, bending, stamping or deep drawing operations are normally done cold. Heavy sections can be heated for forging to approximately 400℃.

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