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Rotary Targets VS Planar Targets

Sputtering targets can be divided into rotary targets and planar targets according to their shapes.

Planar targets mainly refer to circular targets and rectangular targets with a certain thickness, they are prepared mainly by vacuum melting, powder metallurgy and hot pressed sintering in moulds; The rotary target is a magnetron target made into a cylindrical shape with a stationary magnet inside, which rotates at a slow speed and the standard manufacturing methods of rotary targets are plasma spraying onto the base tubes, casting, and extrusion of the complete assembly.

Rotary Sputtering Target VS Planar Sputtering Target

Rotary Sputtering TargetPlanar Sputtering Target
SituationContinuous sputtering processesProduction type workLarge area coatingPrototype work Elemental experimentation
Cost EffectiveFor high volume productionFor a small amount of production
SurfaceRotary targets generally have more surface area per given length than planar targets.
RuntimeRotary targets generally have longer runtime than planar targets.
Utilization RateUp to 80%Up to 30%

Quken offers a variety of different shapes of sputtering targets, such as planar sputtering targets and rotary sputtering targets.

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