Molybdenum Machined Part

Molybdenum Machined Part Specification:

Quken has extensive experience and expertise in providing machined molybdenum parts including very complex parts and precision parts as customers' requirements.
We simply divide the molybdenum machined products into molybdenum boat, molybdenum heat shield, molybdenum electrode, molybdenum crucible and molybdenum machined parts, in order to facilitate customer inquiry classification.
For detailed information about molybdenum boat and molybdenum heat shield, please visit our related products page Molybdenum Boat, Molybdenum Heat Shield.
In addition, please look at the following product overview. You may upload your drawings when you ask for a quotation, we will contact you within 24hours.

Product Surface Available Size (mm) Purity  
Mo Electrode Grinding As per your drawing 99.95% REQUEST A QUOTE
Mo Crucible Cleaned As per your drawing REQUEST A QUOTE
Mo Machined Part Cleaned As per your drawing REQUEST A QUOTE

Molybdenum Machined Part Description:

The main property of pure molybdenum which has influence on its machinability is its grain structure. In the "as sintered" condition, it can be machined relatively easily, but it is somewhat more difficult to machine after working. Molybdenum that has undergone a considerable amount of working is best machined if it has a uniformly fine grained and fibrous structure.
Molybdenum electrodes are usually used in daily-use glass, optical glass, insulation material and glass fiber, while molybdenum machined parts we provide are used in ion implantation, manufacture, semiconductor and finishing.

Molybdenum Machined Part Packaging:

Quken packages molybdenum machined parts in foams and boxes carefully to minimize damage during transportation.

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