Molybdenum Tube

Molybdenum Tube Specification:

Quken provides molybdenum tubes and pipes with a variety of dimensions in small tolerance. Our experience working with molybdenum tubes allows us to efficiently service our customers with the highest quality at the most competitive price. All types of molybdenum tubes have clean surfaces.

Name Molybdenum Tube REQUEST A QUOTE
Outer Diameter Wall Thickness Length
Φ2~Φ500 0.3~30 100~3000
Standard ASTM
Purity ≥99.95%
Surface Polished, Cleaned
Type Precision Seamless, Seamless, Welded
Synonyms Molybdenum Pipe

In addition to the specifications in the above table, Quken can also produce molybdenum tubes and pipes according to your requirements.

Molybdenum Tube Description:

Molybdenum tubes and pipes perform well at elevated temperatures and can be used up to 1800~2000 degrees, in components of electron tubes, heaters of high-temperature furnaces and thermocouple retainers, etc.
Excellent high temperature resistance also makes molybdenum tubes widely used in medical, aerospace, oil and gas industry.

Molybdenum Tube Packaging:

For large quantities of molybdenum tubes, Quken will package and transport them in wooden cases. For a small amount of molybdenum tubes will also be protected with sponge or bubble wrap to avoid collision and scratches during transportation.And we can also package according to customers' requirements.

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