Selenides & Silicides

Selenium combines directly with hydrogen, resulting in hydrogen selenide, H2Se, a colorless, foul-smelling gas that is a cumulative poison. It also forms selenides with most metals (e.g., aluminum selenide, cadmium selenide, and sodium selenide). Selenide compounds are particularly useful for optical coatings and physical vapor deposition. Silicide is a compound that has silicon with (usually) more electropositive elements. Silicon is more electropositive than carbon. Silicides are structurally closer to borides than to carbides. Those silicide compounds that exhibit high conductivity, thermal and structural stability are widely used for microelectronics applications.

QUKEN provides a wide range of selenide sputtering targets and silicide sputtering targets to meet your composition, shape and purity requirements. Our full analytic capability and complete machining capability ensures that our products will meet your specific requirements.

All selenide sputtering targets and silicide sputtering targets are supplied with the appropriate Safety Data Sheets (SDS), and Certificate of Analysis (COA), relevant to the lot number supplied.

The following materials list is our standard range of selenide sputtering targets and silicide sputtering targets. If you need something that is not listed, please make a request on the Quote Request page.

Let us know the material, composition, purity and dimensions you need. You may also upload a drawing (pdf file). We will try to meet your unique requirements.

Product Name Composition Purity
Bismuth Selenide Sputtering Target Bi2Se3 4N-5N
Copper Indium Selenide Sputtering Target CuInSe2 4N
Copper Selenide (CuSe2) Sputtering Target CuSe2 4N
Cadmium Selenide Sputtering Target CdSe 5N
Gallium Selenide Sputtering Target Ga2Se3 4N-5N
Indium Selenide Sputtering Target In2Se3 4N-5N
Indium(II) Selenide Sputtering Target InSe 4N
Lead Selenide Sputtering Target PbSe 4N-5N
Manganese Selenide Sputtering Target MnSe 4N
Niobium Selenide Sputtering Target NbSe2 4N
Tungsten Selenide Sputtering Target WSe2 3N5-4N
Zinc Selenide Sputtering Target ZnSe 4N
Chromium Silicide Sputtering Target CrSi2 3N-3N5
Chromium Silicide Sputtering Target Cr2Si 3N-3N5
Cobalt Silicide Sputtering Target Co3Si 2N5
Cobalt Silicide Sputtering Target CoSi2 2N
Molybdenum Silicide Sputtering Target Mo5Si3 3N-3N5
Molybdenum Silicide (MoSi2) Sputtering Target MoSi2 2N5-3N
Nickel Silicide Sputtering Target NiSi2 2N-3N
Nickel Silicide Sputtering Target NiSi 2N5
Niobium Silicide Sputtering Target Nb5Si3 3N
Niobium Silicide Sputtering Target NbSi2 3N
Tantalum Silicide Sputtering Target Ta5Si3 3N5
Tantalum Silicide Sputtering Target TaSi2 3N5
Titanium Silicide Sputtering Target Ti5Si3 2N5
Titanium Silicide Sputtering Target TiSi2 2N5
Tungsten Silicide Sputtering Target WSi2 3N
Zirconium Silicide Sputtering Target ZrSi2 2N5