Target Bonding

Sputtering target bonding is critical to maintain target stability and a longer working life. A properly bonded sputtering target may enable the use of a higher power input to achieve faster sputtering rates and will enable thin film process parameters to be consistently repeated.

QUKEN provides offers a complete range of target bonding service on new or existing backing plates.

Types of Bonding Processes include:
Indium Bonding (the preferred one with the best thermal conductivity, it can withstand temperatures ranging from 150° to 225°C.)
Silver Epoxy Bonding
InSn Alloy Bonding
Resin Bonding
Conductive Adhesive Bonding

Backing Plate

Backing plate is one of the important components of the PVD sputtering process. QUKEN supplies high quality and durable backing plates for most sputtering tools: OFHC Copper, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Molybdenum, etc..

OFHC copper (oxygen free, high conductivity copper) is the most commonly used material. It exhibits the best electrical and thermal characteristics while also being easy to machine and soften. It is readily available at economic prices and can also be re-used with care for more than 20 times.

For applications where Copper is not appropriate, Aluminum, Molybdenum and Stainless Steel can also be used for backing plate fabrication.

In many instances, backing plates can be retrieved from spent target backing plate assemblies. The recovered backing plate is then inspected to ensure it is within specification, cleaned and re-bonded to a new sputtering target.

Let us know the material and dimensions you need, or you may also upload a drawing (pdf file) on the Quote Request page. QUKEN will try to offer the best backing plate to meet your unique requirements.