Sulfides & Tellurides

Sulfides are chemical compounds contain the element sulfur, including inorganic sulfides, organic sulfides (thioethers) and phosphine sulfides. Many sulfides compounds have unique optical properties and so are used in the optics and electronics industries. Telluride is an extremely rare element most commonly used in combination with other metals to increase their machinability. Telluride compounds have high melting point and are insoluble in water.

QUKEN provides a wide range of sulfide sputtering targets and telluride sputtering targets to meet your composition, shape and purity requirements. Our full analytic capability and complete machining capability ensures that our products are optimized for your individual deposition processes.

All sulfide sputtering targets and telluride sputtering targets are supplied with the appropriate Safety Data Sheets (SDS), and Certificate of Analysis (COA), relevant to the lot number supplied.

The following materials list is our standard range of sulfide sputtering targets and telluride sputtering targets. If you need something that is not listed, please make a request on the Quote Request page.

Let us know the material, composition, purity and dimensions you need. You may also upload a drawing (pdf file). We will try to meet your unique requirements.

Product Name Composition Purity
Antimony Sulfide Sputtering Target Sb2S3 3N-4N
Cadmium Sulfide Sputtering Target CdS 3N-5N
Copper Sulfide Sputtering Target CuS 2N5
Copper Sulphide Sputtering Target Cu2S 3N-5N
Indium Sulphide Sputtering Target In2S3 3N-5N
Iron Sulphide Sputtering Target FeS 3N
Iron(II) Sulfide Sputtering Target FeS2 3N
Lead Sulfide Sputtering Target PbS 5N
Magnesium Sulfide Sputtering Target MgS 2N5
Molybdenum Disulfide Sputtering Target MoS2 3N
Tin (IV) Sulfide Sputtering Target SnS2 3N5-4N
Tungsten Sulfide Sputtering Target WS2 3N
Zinc Sulfide Sputtering Target ZnS 4N
Antimony Telluride Sputtering Target Sb2Te3 3N-4N
Bismuth Telluride Sputtering Target Bi2Te3 3N-4N
Cadmium Telluride Sputtering Target CdTe 4N-5N5
Gallium Telluride Sputtering Target Ga2Te3 3N-5N
Germanium Telluride Sputtering Target GeTe 4N
Indium Telluride Sputtering Target In2Te3 3N-5N
Lead Telluride Sputtering Target PbTe 4N-5N
Manganese Telluride Sputtering Target MnTe2 4N
Mercury Telluride Sputtering Target HgTe 3N-5N
Tin Telluride Sputtering Target SnTe 3N-5N
Tungsten Telluride Sputtering Target WTe2 4N
Zinc Telluride Sputtering Target ZnTe 5N-6N